Sunday, December 6, 2020

An Apple A Day....

Ahhhh, apple season! I can't tell you how many times in the past few years I've wanted to visit Carter Mountain apple orchard in Charlottesville, VA. Something always came up and I had to either cancel or decline an invite. But! Not this year! 

We headed out early one Saturday morning....the sun just coming up, coffee in our mugs and a definite chill in the air. The 2.5 hour ride flew by with conversation, laughter and music. Our first stop was Bold Rock Cidery for lunch and to pick up a supply of adult beverages:) Kudos to the facility for enforcing masks, keeping us at a safe distance from other patrons and just being overall easy to work with. Lunch and the views there were fantastic!

After that we drove to Carter Mountain for some apple picking! We had purchased, timed tickets for entry and it couldn't have been easier. There had been some rain the days prior so the orchards were a little muddy in places, but not too bad! It was a steep climb to the top of the mountain, I'll admit to being surprised at that overlooked fact and a little out of breath! Once we got there though, it was worth the hike!

So, I'll stop talking here and let you enjoy the images I was able to capture from the day. I highly recommend this adventure if you haven't been. I don't know if I need to go again anytime soon, but it's something I was able to cross off my bucket-list and it's always a nice thing to hang out with friends:)

Saturday, November 14, 2020

Lions + Tigers + Bears...Oh my!


Well, in all honesty. We didn't see any tigers or bears...they must have been on vacation! But...our visit to the Norfolk Zoo this past summer was so overdue and it was a great day!

Full confession: I've lived in Norfolk/Virginia Beach since 1984ish. I graduated HS here, went off to college (Radford University) from here, came back permanently after college and left only for 2 years in the early 2000's. Know how many times I've visited this zoo? 

O N C E 

I know. And....it was in 1987!!! I was babysitting for the summer and I dragged 3 kids into Norfolk for the day. So much has obviously changed in these years, but one thing that remains is the joy that a trip to the zoo brings. It's also as if the animals are aware that they are on display and actually pose for you. 

Here's my take on the Norfolk Zoo, hope you enjoy:)

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Sunday Round Up, 7

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Happy Sunday friends!! It's October! The gateway to Christmas month! My favorite month! Again with the exclamation points Jennifer...knock it off!! Sorry...

No but seriously, it's really my number 2 favorite month of the year. No, make that #3. First is March cause it's my birthday month, then December cause....duh...then October. Living in VA can make the month of October kinda frustrating for those of us that are waiting for the cooler weather, but it's still pretty darn nice. There is something about cool mornings that turn warm in the afternoon and then cool again at night. Ahhhh.....

I have SO much content to share with you....it's been a busy two months over here with a lot of wanderlust happening! For that reason, I've been a little absent in this space. Catching up this weekend and next...so look for some posts about my recent adventures. Meanwhile, here's what I've found on the internet lately that I find interesting....maybe you will too :)

  • Ahhhh, those Gilmore boys. Were you team Dean, Jess or Logan? Personally, I was rooting for Logan the entire series:) -- via The Medium
  • Did you know TAB was still a thing? Was it really ever a thing? I'm trying to remember if I ever tasted it? Anyway...it's gone. Peace out! -- via Jezebel
  • Twitter is both a blessing and a curse in my opinion. But sometimes it's really, really funny and we could all use funny right now, right? Go here for some giggles :) -- via BuzzFeed
  • Chris Stapleton is so talented. His voice isn't for everyone, but I love it. His newest song is top notch in my book, you can hear it here. -- via VEVO YouTube
  • Are you spending the holidays with family this year? Are you unsure if you should? This article is encouraging, as long as we follow common sense rules. -- via The Atlantic

That's all I've got this fin Sunday friends. Anything interesting that you've come across this past week? Drop me a line and let me know about it!

Have a fantastic week... 
Also....FOURTEEN DAYS until the election. Have you made a plan to VOTE yet? Don't wait till the last moment...this election is so, so very important.

Jenn xoxo

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Sunday Roundup, 6

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Happy Sunday friends! It's September! It's finally cooler! I can smell Fall! I hear my boots calling my name! Can you tell I'm excited?! Are my exclamation points stressing you out?!!!


Anywho. How are you? I am good. All things considered....life could be much worse, so I count myself rather blessed at the moment:) Without further ado, let's dive into todays roundup since it's been a hot minute....
  • My last post was about a local teahouse and I've been investigating the health benefits of tea. I'm a confirmed coffee addict, but I'd like to cut back. If interested, this article is good for learning how tea can help you. -- via Eat Right Org
  • As if the pandemic isn't enough, poor California (and most of the west coast in general) is having to deal with these awful fires. Prayers for everyone affected. -- via HuffPost
  • Are you watching Yellowstone? Holy smokes! Talk about disfunctional!!! WOW! -- via IMDb
  • There are so many talented artists out there...but sometimes you stumble upon something that kinda stops you dead in your tracks and you're all "I kinda love this!". For me it was Pascal Campion. Go look for yourself! -- via Facebook
  • I swear, Carin makes me want to sell all my belongings and move to Paris:) So dreamy... -- via Paris in Four Months
  • When you say Japan you might also say "cats". Hello Kitty, the first cat cafes...but apparently there is also a deep seated fear of cats in Japanese culture. Who knew? Read more about it here. -- via The Smithsonian
  • I'm not one to get political in this space. But can we all agree that there is something seriously wrong with this man? -- via The Slate
  • I'm going to attempt a pavlova soon! No, it's not some Russian ice skating move. Check out Linda's blog to see some beautiful, sweet, swirly yumminess! -- via Call Me Cupcake

Ok friends. That's all I've got for you this fine Sunday evening. I hope this week is everything you want it to be. I visited Fort Monroe last night with a friend and took some great photographs! Look for a post on that sometime this coming week:)

Be happy!

Jenn xoxo

Friday, September 11, 2020

Dream A Little Dream of Tea....

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Are you a tea person or a coffee person?

I'm absolutely team coffee but after last Sunday, I have to say I have a newfound love for tea!

This isn't going to be a large post today, as I'm going to direct you to my friend's blog for the full details on our lovely venture to Stillwater Tea House. Courtney wrote up a lovely and detail oriented post on this gem in the city of Suffolk, VA. Please take a moment to go find out more and give her some love, I promise you will walk away with a desire to grab your girlfriends and discover all things pink and frilly and tea oriented!

No really...go here and enjoy some tea for three :)

Have a great weekend friends!

Jenn xoxo

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Take Me Back....Please!

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A few weeks ago...I packed up my blow-up bed, beach chair, umbrella, bathing suit, coffee (priorities, right?!) and not much else and headed to the OBX to spend time with my friends. They invited me to join them on the backend of their vacation in Kitty Hawk and it was much needed.

Life the past 3 months has been....interesting. I've dealt with some heartbreak, then COVID hit full force and work has been a challenge to say the least. I needed to get away and just put my feet in the sand and have the hot sun on my body. I needed to leave my worries and sadness behind and just BE. I needed salt air and friends who are like family...and that's exactly what I got.

We stayed at The Outer Banks Motor Lodge and it was perfect. This place is not a 5-Star joint...at all! And ya know what? Those usually make the best places to stay. I've travelled all over Europe and the quaint, back-alley inns with the bathroom down the hall always ended up being the best experience. So, while I love the idea of 1000+ count sheets and crystal chandeliers...this was much better suited for that end of the summer, weekend getaway. 

We laughed, ate steamed shrimp + Caprese salad, drank Bold Rock hard ciders, watched the sun set and then rise the next morning. I woke up extra early (5:45am!) and padded down the sand to sit in God's glory and watch a new day begin. I had a mixture of sadness and happiness in that moment as the sun cracked through the cloud cover and I just let it all wash over me. Being still and in your emotions is hard sometimes, but it's like an exhale and ya girl needed that exhale desperately:)

Then, for two days we sat on the beach under umbrellas watching the kids play in the surf, dogs run up and down the shoreline, eating cheez-its, cookies and pimento cheese sandwiches...all washed down with cold water. I actually read a little - which if you know me is something -- I'm a little distracted and it usually takes me 6 months to read a book!!

I also took this weekend as an opportunity to really get a test-run on my new camera. In June I made the decision to upgrade my camera gear and I was able to purchase a used Canon 5D MarkII for an amazing price. I had reached the limit of learning on my old Canon Rebel and it was beyond time to move forward. I've wanted a full-frame camera for years but the price-tag just wasn't feasible....at all! But sometimes, serendipity intervenes and you just have to go for it. I'm so glad I went for it too! I have much to learn and I can't wait to take it on some adventures this fall! I hope you enjoy the images I've shared here today.....

As Summer 2020 closes out in the coming weeks, I really hope that I'm able to get back to the beach at least one more time. I feel at home by the water. It comforts me and brings me back to center when I'm near it. I hope YOU have had a great summer, even with all that has occurred with this virus. We cannot stop living our lives, but we do have to make some adjustments. Yet, with those adjustments...we can still spend time with those that matter the most to us in a place that brings a smile to your face...guaranteed :)

Take care and have a great first week of September friends!

Jenn xoxo

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Sunshine On A Rainy Day

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“Everybody was feeling happy now. The sun was shining brightly out of a soft blue sky and the day was calm. The giant peach, with the sunlight glinting on its side, was like a massive golden ball sailing upon a silver sea.” 
― Roald Dahl, James and the Giant Peach