Tuesday, October 18, 2016

What's Inspiring Me Now

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Creativity requires cultivation on a daily basis. Right now, these are just a few of the things that are inspiring me:)

  • Mary Jane shoes. To me, they're the perfect shoe! Feminine, vintage and practical. This is a shoe that won't fall off as you're walking down the stairs or running to your car between the rain-drops!
  • New York. I need to travel and travel soon. I really want to get back to NYC and then even further north to Boston, Newport and Maine. 
  • Autumn twinkle lights. There's something special about the colors of fall and when combined with tiny sparkle lights.....it's magical :)
  • Camel coats. I'm hoping to add a camel coat to my wardrobe this season. It's so classic and timeless. 
  • Pups in wreaths! I really want to shoot some pets for the holidays this year! I think I'll try to enlist the help of my nephew....
  • Dream kitchen. Siiiiigh. Hoping to move to a better and larger space next year and this kitchen is exactly what i'm dreaming of!
  • Green. Having cats makes it hard to have live plants in the house. Thinking these giant fronds would make a great print to add to my walls!
Where do you get your creativity from?
What's inspiring you right now?
Thank you to Pinterest for the above images:)
<3 Jenn

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