Wednesday, March 11, 2015

This Month {March}

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MAKING - a lot of decisions on the job front
CRAVING - sweets....seems once you start getting into a healthy mode sweets are all you can think about
PLAYING - trivia crack whenever I can
LISTENING TO - sugar by maroon 5....on repeat 
READING - what i remember most -- such a good read
WATCHING - house of cards, season 3. Ugh, it's so good
WEARING - my new watermelon kicks to the gym and feeling like I could conquer the world
LEARNING - how far I can push my body till it hurts and I need to back off 
GOING TO - roanoke in 2 weeks to visit friends and see my alma mater
WORKING ON - a St. Patricks post that will be super green and super yummy
OBSESSED WITH - jelly beans.....ugh
PLANNING - to gift myself with Mastering the Art of French cooking by Julia Child for my birthday
RESEARCHING - better ways to deal with 2 cats and 2 potty boxes. Peeee-EW
HOPING - to fill my Rx for glasses this month
STARTING - to spring clean the apartment. bedroom is done {BOOM!!!}
FINISHING - painting the other walls in my living room. It's only been 4 years.....

What are you up to this month?!?!?!

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