Thursday, March 19, 2015

Life is a sticky wicket sometimes....

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Life is funny sometimes. Like when you think you're better off with things being one way and 6 months later you realize that you really need things to be another way. I know, that's such a vague sentence, but I'm hesitant to talk in depth about my "job". You know, the one that pays the bills and takes up 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. But suffice it to say....it's been a challenge to be content the past few months. And that...is all I'll say on that.

I often wonder if I'm the only one out there who's constantly searching for the proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? I'm blessed, beyond blessed. But there's so much that I want for my life and at times I feel so stuck. But, maybe I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be at this exact moment. Maybe I'm supposed to be not so crazy about my career. Maybe I'm supposed to be tackling my health head on yet slowly. Maybe I haven't re-opened the Etsy shop because the time just isn't right and I need to have better content.

Or maybe I just need to stop worrying about what should be and just live each day as it comes, dealing with losses and gains with grace and be thankful that I have the life I have. So many do not.

One thing I do know is that 2015 is going to be full of more flowers and here's the first of many floral posts to come. And hey, thanks for listening to my little rant/stream of consciousness:)

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy St. Patty's Day!!

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Good morning! Shake off the sleepies and have a big yawn and fish out your green underpinnings ladies! It's St. Patrick's Day and you know what that means, right? Pinch, pinch!! I've never been a huge participant of this holiday, truth be told. Green bagels? No thanks. Green beer? Meh. But....Oreo, mint chocolate chip milkshakes? Yes, Please!!!!!

There's nothing fancy about this milkshake. It's exactly what it is....an ice cream based milkshake in honor of the day:) So, go buy your favorite brand mint, chocolate chip ice cream, add some milk or heavy cream and crushed oreos. Put it all in the blender and....voila! Instant yumminess! Enjoy:)


Saturday, March 14, 2015


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Happy International Pi Day!!!!! It's always a good day for pie in my opinion:)

Have a fabulous weekend everyone.....


Friday, March 13, 2015

Happy Friday!!!!

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Because I really like you....I'm sharing this cute video featuring Mr. Hanks!


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

This Month {March}

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MAKING - a lot of decisions on the job front
CRAVING - sweets....seems once you start getting into a healthy mode sweets are all you can think about
PLAYING - trivia crack whenever I can
LISTENING TO - sugar by maroon 5....on repeat 
READING - what i remember most -- such a good read
WATCHING - house of cards, season 3. Ugh, it's so good
WEARING - my new watermelon kicks to the gym and feeling like I could conquer the world
LEARNING - how far I can push my body till it hurts and I need to back off 
GOING TO - roanoke in 2 weeks to visit friends and see my alma mater
WORKING ON - a St. Patricks post that will be super green and super yummy
OBSESSED WITH - jelly beans.....ugh
PLANNING - to gift myself with Mastering the Art of French cooking by Julia Child for my birthday
RESEARCHING - better ways to deal with 2 cats and 2 potty boxes. Peeee-EW
HOPING - to fill my Rx for glasses this month
STARTING - to spring clean the apartment. bedroom is done {BOOM!!!}
FINISHING - painting the other walls in my living room. It's only been 4 years.....

What are you up to this month?!?!?!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Spring...Is that you?

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I gotta say, I didn't think you were gonna show up this year. I thought maybe we were living a live version of Game of Thrones and winter wasn't just coming, it was here and it was gonna stay. But....but!!! Yesterday, you stretched your wings, shook off the last bit of snow and took a big ol yawn like you'd been sleeping for a long, long time. {and let's face it, you had} We had a 70* day here in Virginia and it was.....GLORIOUS!!!

So, this got me thinking about Spring and Easter. One of my favorite side-dishes for Easter dinner is asparagus! Those beautiful green stalks of yumminess always make it to our family table and inevitably there's never enough! Now, do you like yours cooked al dente or soft and mushy? I'm partial to the soft and mushy variety:))

I hope this weather does stick around for awhile, if not permanently! It's my birthday month and I'd love to ring it in with sunshine and warmth:) Have a beautiful week friends, see you back here on Wednesday!