Thursday, February 26, 2015

Snow Day!

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We got another snow day! And this time it was substantial:) Somewhere around 5-8 inches fell across the region overnight and today....it's all about hibernating and drinking coffee. But first, I had to go out and take a little walk around the neighborhood since I didn't get out during the last snow. 

Now, I know that for many this amount of snow is no big deal. I get it...you're used to snow being measured in feet and schools and businesses not closing for anything less. But for coastal VA this is a BIG DEAL. So, don't go on social media and harsh our buzz okay?! We're excited and we get that it's kinda ridiculous to shut down an entire region for less than a foot of snow...but we're just not equipped to handle it! So, here's my little neighborhood looking all snow-globey at the moment:)

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